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Jeb Bush says his campaign is not on life support, and he’s right. It’s long past that point. Bush’s campaign is more like “the walking dead”; lifeless, but lumbering along just this side of the grave.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When former Florida governor Jeb Bush launched his campaign for president, a lot of people assumed that other candidates might make a splash here and there during the primaries, but eventually the GOP would get serious and give Bush the nod. After all, he had the family name, and he had the money, and the ability to raise a good deal more. Jeb Bush was the man to beat for the Republican nomination?

Fast-forward to today. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are dueling front-runners. Meanwhile, the student surpassed the teacher, when Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) bested Bush in the last GOP presidential debate. So, what happened?

Bush ran a slow-moving, sluggish campaign, incoherent campaign, that truly went on life support weeks ago.


To make matters worse, French ambassador to the US Gérard Araud mocked Bush right back on Twitter.

Mocked by a Frenchman. For a GOP presidential candidate, it doesn’t get much worse than that. Or does it?

Throw Christie From the Train?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was ejected from the quiet car on the 9:55 Amtrak from DC to New York on Sunday morning. Arriving late and almost missing the train, Christie boarded and immediately started yelling at his secret service agents over a seating mix-up.

When he finally sat down, Christie starting making phone calls. On. The. Quiet. Car.


This went on for 10 minutes before Christie was asked to stop or go to another car. Christie finally got up and walked out, again yelling at his secret service detail, and all white sipping a McDonald’s strawberry smoothie. Very presidential. (Not.)

Here’s the best of the rest of the worst in wingnuttery this week:


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