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Sanders To Defend Democratic Socialism

Sanders plans major speech on democratic socialism. W. Post: “‘I think we have some explaining and work to do,’ the Vermont senator told an audience at a house party here in the nation’s first caucus state, acknowledging that the term ‘democratic socialism’ makes some people ‘very, very nervous.'”

More from NYT: “’I will remind the American people that there are socialist programs out there that are some of the most popular programs in America,’ he added, citing Social Security and Medicare … ‘When you go to your public library, when you call your Fire Department or the Police Department, what do you think you’re calling?’ Mr. Sanders said. ‘These are socialist institutions.'”

Canada Votes Today

Four things to know about the Canadian election, from Time: “While the CPC remains the only viable party that Canadian conservatives can vote for, progressives are split between three leading parties: the Liberals, the NDP and the ever-trailing Green Party … With the help of websites like, progressives are trying to prevent split votes…”

Polls point to Liberal victory. CBC: “…Liberals have led in 17 consecutive polls, including surveys conducted by eight different polling firms using an array of methodologies … [The lead is] not wide enough to give the Liberals a high probability of reaching the 170-seat mark required for a majority government. It is also not wide enough to rule out the possibility the Conservatives could eke out more seats than the Liberals nationwide.”’s Bill Scher asks: “Will Keynes Win The Canadian Election?”

Ryan May/May Not Run For Speaker

Paul Ryan won’t bargain with Freedom Caucus for speakership. CBS: “…Ryan – according to those close to him – is now open to leading the fractured Republican conference. But there’s a caveat. And it’s a big one. Ryan’s confidants tell CBS News he will not horse trade with the House Freedom Caucus … if Ryan concludes that he’s unlikely to get a near-unanimous vote of support from republicans, his allies say he is happy to stay exactly where he is…”

Boehner may be stuck in Speaker seat. Politico: “[He] could be forced to stay put and deal with thorny budget issues and raising the debt ceiling as a lame-duck speaker. His internal clout has been severely diminished, and he would likely have to cut deals with Democrats to get any measures passed…”

Budget talks going nowhere. Politico: “Republicans are demanding changes to entitlement programs, a request that’s already been rejected by Democrats. Democrats want boosts in domestic spending without painful cuts, a nonstarter for the GOP … To top it all off, the Big Four congressional negotiators still haven’t been in the same room.”

Would Sen. Orrin Hatch kill TPP? Politico: “Days after the Obama administration announced a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement after nearly six years of negotiations, Hatch offered a stinging review and warned the administration may have ignored congressional marching orders in a number of areas, including securing strong intellectual property protections for a new, cutting-edge class of drugs, called biologics … Just how far Hatch might go to register his disapproval is unclear.”

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