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Senate Makes First Move

Senate GOP leadership will move first to keep government open. W. Post: “…the Senate would first vote on a short-term continuing resolution (CR) that would include language blocking funds from going to Planned Parenthood … [After a filibuster,] McConnell would then bring up a CR that would extend current discretionary funding levels for up to two and half months without any significant policy changes.”

House may call Planned Parenthood to testify day before shutown deadline. W. Post: “The timing of the possible Sept. 29 hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has Democrats crying foul … The committee’s Republican majority has not yet publicly announced a hearing … if invited, [Planned Parenthood says it] would accept the invitation.”

Bernie Stands With Workers

Sen. Bernie Sanders to join striking federal contract workers today. Politico: “The workers, who work at the U.S. Capitol and other federal buildings, are striking to encourage Congress and President Barack Obama to adopt a $15 minimum wage, and are seizing upon the pope’s visit to draw attention to their cause.”

Hillary Clinton expected to oppose Obamacare tax on high benefit plans. The Hill: “Clinton will drop the first details of her healthcare plan during a campaign event in Iowa on Tuesday … Sanders, as well as former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, have both come out in opposition of the Cadillac tax, putting pressure on Clinton to do the same…”

And propose cap on drug costs. W. Post: “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is proposing a $250 monthly cap on the amount patients with chronic and serious medical problems would have to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs as a way to reduce the effect of skyrocketing drug prices on consumers.”

Jeb Bush says deregulation will boost wages. Bloomberg: “…Jeb Bush on Tuesday proposed cutting federal regulations that he said would increase growth 3 percent in 10 years and help increase wages by 6 percent. Bush’s plan would freeze any proposed regulations from the Obama administration, require any regulatory costs to be offset elsewhere during his first year in office, and push legislation that would require Congress to approve major rules.”

Scott Walker drops out. The Atlantic: “…Walker’s unexpected early success … made him overconfident, removing the incentive to put his head down, study policy, and work for votes, while training a harsh spotlight on his every utterance. Those utterances frequently made audiences and the media do double takes…”

Senate Dems Set Climate Marker

Senate Dems introduce aggressive climate bill. NYT: “The measure would establish as United States policy a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2 percent each year through 2025 — a cut even larger than the target set by the Obama administration … Democrats say they believe that forcefully pushing for climate change policies could help them win control of the Senate in 2016. And if they regain the majority, they will move to enact climate legislation along [those] lines…”

CEO of Siemens announces carbon cuts, and urges business leaders to follow, in NYT oped: “…we hope to demonstrate to other companies that cutting your carbon footprint is not only possible, but profitable. With today’s software and technology, it’s easier than ever before to increase efficiency. And while this plan requires a substantial investment, it will pay off quickly…”

Breakfast Sides

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposes tax increase. NYT: “The proposed property tax increase would be used to finance the city’s looming payments for police and firefighter pensions, city officials said. Under the plan, the city … spare those with less expensive homes from bearing the burden of an increase. The proposals are expected to face vigorous debate in Chicago’s City Council…”

EPA forces VW to admit wrongdoing. NYT: “…this month, the executives made a startling admission: The diesel vehicles it sold in the United States used software meant to cheat on the tests. VW made the admission only when the Environmental Protection Agency took the extraordinary action of threatening to withhold approval for the company’s 2016 Volkswagen and Audi diesel models…”

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