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Biden Moves Up In CNN Poll

Dem race tightens in national CNN poll: “The new poll finds Clinton with 37% support among Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, down 10 points since August, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 27% and Vice President Joe Biden at 20%. Sanders’ support is about the same as it was in August … [Biden’s] support is up 6 points…”

Clinton’s donors want to confront Sanders, campaign doesn’t. Politico: “[Campaign officials are] confident, they say, that the nomination is hers … So why antagonize the Sanders supporters that Clinton will need come November 2016 by going public with the criticisms they’re airing in private? … But to the donors encouraging Clinton’s team to step up its game, that’s a dangerous attitude.”

Campaign finance reform advocates like Clinton plan. American Prospect: “‘It’s solid and it’s bold and as good if not better than anything we’ve seen from a presidential candidate,’ says David Donnelly, CEO of campaign-finance advocate Every Voice.”

Martin O’Malley mocks Wall Street in video. W. Post: “The video, shot Wednesday by Independent Journal Review, shows the former Maryland governor, clad in jeans and a black T-shirt, singing ‘This Land is Your Land’ on Wall Street as some passersby wind up taking selfies with him and throwing change into his open guitar case.”

Sanders speaks at Liberty University on Monday, reports Bloomberg.

Cuomo Fights For $15

Gov. Andrew Cuomo backs $15 minimum wage. NYT: “Mr. Cuomo said that raising the minimum wage broadly would restore dignity to workers who could not support their families without public subsidies. ‘It will herald a new economic contract with America and it’s about time,’ he said … But Republicans in Albany do not see a $15 minimum wage as inevitable … They rejected Mr. Cuomo’s earlier push for $10.50.”

Larry Summers calls for stronger unions in W. Post oped: “Unions are surely too weak today … we need serious enforcement of laws to stop employers from punishing workers seeking to engage in collective action … the union movement needs to expand on its efforts to build models of collective action [like] profit sharing, on labor management dialogue, on industry wide bargaining … labor law reform [should] give more scope to those seeking to organize workers…”

Senate Dems Protect Iran Deal

Senate resolution of disapproval filibustered. NYT: “The vote on the procedural motion was 58 to 42, falling two votes short of the 60 votes needed to consider the resolution rejecting the agreement. Meanwhile, the House on Thursday evening passed, 245 to 186, a resolution stating that President Obama didn’t fulfill his obligations under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act because Congress has yet to see two confidential side agreements pertaining to the deal — documents the administration says it doesn’t have.”

Senate Republicans to try again next week. The Hill: “Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) dismissed McConnell’s tactics, pledging that Democrats will block the Iran resolution again next week.”

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