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At Politico Magazine, I take a serious look at what a Trump presidency would really look like, based on both his comments and the constraints of the office.

What you find is that in his first 100 days he would do some things progressives would not like -- such as rescinding President Obama's executive actions on immigration -- and some things progressives would -- like naming China a currency manipulator. He even could advance a bipartisan deal on an infrastructure bank.

But beyond that, constitutional checks and political reality sets in. The die-hard Trump fans who think he has magical abilities to transform Washington need only look at the last couple of celebrity blowhards who swept into office on a promise of radical change: Governors Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both had decent starts, but both floundered and foundered on the shoals of the legislature.

For those who want to change how politics works, well, you can't. You have to organize around your issues, win elections on the basis and stay engaged to push your issues through the system. There's no getting around the hard work.

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