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UPDATE: Check out my latest post: 13 More of Ben Carson's Craziest Beliefs!

In an increasingly crowded field, Republican presidential candidates and hopefuls are struggling to stand out, but Ben Carson stands out for all the wrong reasons. If he keeps it up, the famed neurosurgeon may need his foot surgically removed from his mouth. Every time he talks about his positions and beliefs, he embarrasses himself and his party.

Here are Carson’s most recent — and most famous — gaffes revealing what he believes.

1. Not Taxing Poor People is “Condescending”

Carson isn’t the first Republican to advocate taxing those “lucky duckies” — as a Wall Street Journal op-ed dubbed them — who don’t earn enough to have to pay income taxes. He isn’t even the first to suggest replacing our tax code with a “flat tax.” But Carson stands out due to the religious basis for his “flat tax.” In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Carson touted his 10-percent flat tax plan, based on the biblical practice of tithing.

“I like the idea of a proportional tax, that way you pay according to your ability, and I got that idea, quite frankly, from the Bible, tithing. You make $10 billion a year, you pay a billion; you make $10 a year, you pay one. You get the same rights. That’s pretty darn fair if you ask me," Carson argued to host Chris Wallace. It was utterly lost on Carson that someone who only earns $10 a year will feel the loss of $1 a lot more than someone who earns $10 billion per year will feel the loss of $1 billion.

Carson held that it’s “condescending,” to suggest that low-income Americans can’t pay their “fair share” of taxes, because “poor people have pride, too” and “don’t want to be just taken care of.” When Wallace pointed out that billionaires would make out like “bandits” under his tax scheme, Carson couldn’t explain how his plan wouldn’t increase taxes on the poor, the working class, and middle class.


2. Obamacare Is Like “Slavery, In A Way”

In a speech at the 2013 Values Voters’ Summit, Carson said that Obamacare was “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” and described the law as “slavery, in a way.”


3. The President Can Ignore The Supreme Court

Carson told right-wing outlet Newsmax TV that the president can ignore the Supreme Court on marriage equality.


Unless he’s re-written the constitution, Carson is wrong. Article III of the constitution grants the Court original jurisdiction in disputes between two or more U.S. states, and nobody — not Congress or the president — can take it away.

4. Anti-Gay Bakers Might Poison Gay Wedding Cakes

At a press conference at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Carson joked that homophobic bakers might put poison in gay wedding cakes, if “forced” to make them.


Well, they might, now that Carson has given them the idea.

5. Prison Proves That Being Gay Is A “Choice”

Carson told CNN host Chris Cuomo that prisoners “prove” that homosexuality is a choice, because “a lot of people who go into prison, go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay.”


Science says Carson is wrong, and that evidence overwhelmingly suggests that sexual orientation is inborn. On the other hand, religion undeniably is a choice. After all, a lot of people who go into prison go into prison Christians, and when they come out, they’re Muslims. Yet, it never occurs to Carson that the same argument applies. So, on that basis, why should religion be a protected status?

Carson later apologized for his remarks and promised he just wouldn’t talk about gay issues anymore. How likely is that to last out the GOP primaries?

6. We Should Stop Being Mean To The Police, Because It Makes Them “Timid”

Carson, who spent 30 years in Baltimore as a neurosurgeon, met with community leaders in the city, after unrest after the death of Freddie Gray. Carson told faith and community leaders to stop criticizing the police, lest it make them too timid to do their job.


Heaven forbid that the police should “second guess” themselves, and a few more people actually live.

7. Protests Against Police Violence Help ISIS And Al Qaeda

During an appearance on “The Andy Parks Show,” Carson suggested that protests against police violence help groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. Carson has also said that the “women’s lib” movement created the “me generation” that led to police shootings, “because young African-American men like Michael Brown" are getting killed by the police because they “never really learn how to relate to authority in the proper way.”


Previously, Carson said that Michael Brown was shot and killed because he lacked a father figure. (Note: Michael Brown had a father.)

8. President Obama May Be Guilty Of Treason

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Carson criticized President Obama’s handling of the fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security. Carson suggested that the president may be guilty of treason.


9. President Obama Is Engaged in a Leninist Plot To Destroy The Economy

In an interview with WorldNet Daily publisher Joseph Farrah, Carson tied together Benghazi, marijuana use, and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” to suggest that communists in government are out to destroy the U.S. economy. And the main “communist,” of course, is the president.


10. President Obama is a “Psychopath”

While being profiled by GQ magazine, Carson called President Barack Obama a “psychopath,”, and later defended doing so in an interview with CNBC host John Harwood.


11. There May Not Be A 2016 Election

In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Carson suggested that there might not be an election in 2016, because of widespread anarchy. Carson repeated this claim to radio host Alan Colmes.

In his WorldNet Daily column, Carson wrote that “We the people would oppose it,” if President Obama refused to leave office

12. The U.S. Is “Very Much Like Nazi Germany”

Has Godwin’s law been repealed? At CPAC last year, Carson told Breitbart News that the U.S. is "very much like Nazi Germany," and recommended that Americans read "Mein Kampf" if they want to understand President Obama.


13. God Gave Him The Answers To His College Chemistry Final

Apparently, the Almighty dropped everything to help Carson pass a college exam. At the National Day of Prayer gathering, Carson told the audience that God helped him ace his chemistry final by giving him the answers in a dream.


Of course, all this proves is that there will always be prayer in schools, as long as there are final exams.

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