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Americans were appalled this week, when video surfaced of Oklahoma University SAE fraternity brothers singing an incredibly racist tune. Wingnuts were appalled that the rest of the us were appalled.


Twitter exploded with satirical takes on popular albums, filtered through wingnut “logic,” under the hashtag #RapAlbumsThatCausedSlavery.

Jon Stewart cleaned up what was left.


Maybe it worked. Brzezinski reversed herself on rap lyrics causing OU’s SAE brothers to sing about hanging “n*****s,” to the tune o f “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”

Is Aaron Schock Done?

Is Rep. Aaron Schock (R, Minnesota) done, yet? The 33-year-old, who looks more like he belongs on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine than the halls of Congress, has lot to answer for, including:

That last one may be what cooks Schock’s goose. Rep. Schock reported $3,000 of his trip to that Bears game as a campaign-related “software” purchase — that never happened. Asked if he thinks he’s in any real trouble, Rep. Schock answered, “Well, I certainly hope not. … I’m not an attorney.” But he’s hired two criminal defense attorneys anyway. Prominent conservatives are calling for him to resign, but
Schock told the Peoria Journal Star, “I’m not going anywhere.

Looney-Tunes Lawmakers

Here’s the rest of the best of the worst in wingnuttery this week:


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