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All the talk about "trade" deals might seem complicated, with all the "TPP" and "TPA" and "FTA" and "TTIP" floating around. It doesn't have to be difficult, though.

Watch Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, explain "fast track" trade promotion authority in just 7 words:

"It means lost jobs and lower wages."

Watch Elizabeth Warren talk about these trade deals.


Watch former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explain the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


TPP is the largest "trade" deal in history. It is being negotiated in secret. It is immense, complex and written in international legalese. But fast track means Congress has to pass it within 90 days of the public seeing it for the first time. This is not enough time to read it, understand it, analyze all the pieces of it, consider all of the ramifications and explain all of that to people.

Fast track does not give We the People enough time to organize opposition if opposition turns out to be warranted. And that is the point.


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