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Today is the National Call-in Day Against Fast Track. Call Congress now at (888) 804-8311 to oppose fast track trade authority.

Or visit Stop Fast Track, enter your phone number and they will call you back and connect you to your representative. An auto-dialer will call you and connect you to your representative and senators, one at a time. Don’t hang up in between, just stay on the line.

Call and say, “I am calling about fast-track trade policies. Fast Track is a way to make sure that bad trade deals become law. Prior fast-track trade deals like NAFTA have lowered our wages, sent jobs overseas, and put us in debt to countries like China. Instead of fast track, we need better trade policies that will raise wages, protect our environment, and keep the power of global corporations in check.”

If you are calling Republicans, say “Instead of giving the President fast track, Congress needs to take back the power over trade policy, just like the Constitution says, and follow regular congressional order.”

The record of past trade agreements is terrible. We have suffered millions of jobs and tens of thousands of factories moved out of the country – so a few executives can pocket the wage difference for themselves. Who hasn’t felt the threat of our own job moving out of the country if we ask for a raise – or even a vacation? And the lack of environmental protections in countries like China means even more money in their pockets – while the rest of us breathe the consequences. While a few at the top are enriched our country ends up an enormous, humongous trade deficit draining out economy, our wages, our future.

“Fast track” trade promotion authority is how the giant corporations rig the game to get these trade deals through. Fast track means Congress can’t make amendments and has to vote within 90 days of We the People seeing a trade agreement for the first time. This means the big corporations can run a full-scale PR campaign to push Congress to pass the agreement, while We the People don’t have time to comprehend the treaty and rally opposition if opposition is needed.

Please participate in today’s National Call-in Day Against Fast Track by calling your representative now at (888) 804-8311.

President Obama’s State of the Union address last night was chock full of excellent ideas for addressing economic inequality — but his request for Congress to approve “Fast Track” legislation wasn’t one of them. The president may believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will grow our economy, but we’ve tried this approach before and it hasn’t worked. Big corporations will take advantage of the deal to send more jobs overseas, to take advantage of low wages and weak environmental rules. We need a new approach, not a fast track to grease the skids for the old one.

Please call your U.S. representative toll-free right now at (888) 804-8311 and urge them to oppose fast track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Calling only takes a minute, but it delivers a powerful message to Congress that constituents are watching them on this issue. Together, our calls and emails stopped fast track in the last session — and together we can stop Fast Track for good this year. Please call now.

PS — If you’re unable to call at the moment, you can still make a difference by emailing your members of Congress now.

Please visit No Fast Track to learn more.

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