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If this week is a preview of what we’re in for with the next Congress, get ready to step through the looking glass and into a world where executive actions are impeachable offenses, and Duck Dynasty is Broadway bound.

What a difference an election makes! Remember just weeks ago, when Ebola was going to kill us all? At the time, more Americans had been married to Kim Kardashian than had died of Ebola. Yet no right-winger demanded to know what the president was doing to stop the further spread of Kardashian nuptials, or why America had no surgeon general to educate Americans about the real risks of getting hitched to a reality television star, or why the president had not appointed a “Kardashian Czar” to do the job.

But leading up to the election, the US media was in full-on Ebola panic.


You get the idea. Funny thing, though. Now that the election’s over — and the need for hysteria has passed, Ebola slipped off the national radar. Now, right-wingers attack the president for doing too much to fight Ebola, and call the president’s plan to fight Ebola a “boondoggle.”

If the wingnuts have forgotten about Ebola, it’s because they’ve they’re attention turned to looking for a reason to impeach President Obama … for carrying out the functions of his office. The president might just give it to them. This week, the news was flooded with rumors that President Obama will soon move on immigration, and take executive action that will “protect up to five million undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation,” by allowing the unauthorized parents of American citizens or legal residents to remain in the country

You can imagine how the right reacted.

Here’s the best of rest of the worst in wingnuttery this week:

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