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The country has been subjected to weeks of ebola fear/terror/panic/propaganda going out over the airwaves – and from one network in particular — just in time to drive fear into the election. Now a group has put together an election ad making the case that the country would have less to worry about if we hadn’t been stampeded (also by fear) into austerity budget cuts.

But after running weeks of ebola terror-fear, some broadcast stations apparently are not ready to allow the other side of the story to be told.

A new ad has been produced by the Agenda Project Action Fund. It is titled “Republican Cuts Kill Part II: Joni Ernst Wants to Cut.” The ad makes the case that Republicans forced cuts to the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, which reduced the capabilities of these programs to contain a deadly virus like ebola.

Iowa TV station KWWL-Waterloo refused to run this ad, arguing that it is too graphic.

This is the ad. Decide for yourself if it should be allowed to be seen by voters:


Also, an extensive Agenda Project report about Republican cuts to public health and foreign aid programs is available online.

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