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Labor Day was last weekend. For the occasion we interviewed our own Robert Borosage on The Zero Hour radio program regarding his piece entitled "Inequality: A Broad Middle Class Requires Empowering Workers." That piece begins as follows:

 "On Labor Day, families gather, politicians pay tribute to values of hard work, and some workers even get an extra day off. But this Labor Day arrives with working families struggling to stay afloat.

Working family incomes haven’t gone up in the 21st century. Inequality reaches new extremes. Corporate profits are reaping a record portion of the nation’s income, while worker wages wallow at record lows. Three-fourths of Americans fear their children will fare less well than they have.

This Labor Day, we should do more than celebrate workers – we should understand how vital reviving worker unions is to rebuilding a broad middle class."

We explored the political, economic, and social implications of that topic in a 22-minute conversation. Here's a link to the conversation.

(To learn more about The Zero Hour, or to subscribe to future broadcasts, go here.)

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