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If you want to know how bad the climate crisis is, and what you can do about it, check out “Carbon”; the first in a series of short films aimed at exploring crucial issues related to the climate crisis.


Produced by Tree Media, with help from Thom Hartmann and the Leo DiCaprio Foundation, and narrated by DiCaprio himself, “Carbon” is part of Green World Rising — a four-part series of films released of the 2014 UN Climate Summit on September 23. “This film is meant to be an asset for the climate movement and to generate momentum for the global reduction of carbon emissions,” said Leila Conners, director of the film.

  • Episode 1 – Carbon shows how we can keep carbon in the ground through putting a price on carbon.
  • Episode 2 – Green World Rising shows our pathway forward through renewable technology that decentralizes the current power grid.
  • Episode 3 – Restoration discusses how the earth’s natural ecosystems deal with climate and how we can work with nature to turn the tide.
  • Episode 4 – Last Hours is about the real threat of the release of methane from the melting arctic, thus triggering an extreme climate change event.

“Carbon” can be seen at, where viewers can also take meaningful action, with resources to contact elected officials and spread the word.

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