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In this interview Monday on NPR's "On Point," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) laid out his argument for a potential presidential bid, and Campaign for America's Future's Robert Borosage outlined the agenda that Democrats should adopt to rebuild its majority. Also appearing on the program is public policy professor Elaine Kamarck, a leading "New Democrat."

What was amazing was Kamarck’s agreeing with Borosage on so much of the populist message. She agreed Democrats have to reform the banks, address inequality, tax the rich, invest in jobs, infrastructure and education. Even on the signature New Dem issue of trade, she agreed with Borosage that we need to rebuild manufacturing and stop exporting jobs.

There was not total agreement, though. The new New Dem message seems to call for Democrats to be friendlier to corporations. The debate is not over, but populists have the momentum.

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