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This week saw a number of right-wingers being pulled up short, one way or another, including some of the biggest names in wingnuttia. For each wingnut up to his tinfoil hat in trouble of his own making, I can only say, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

It’s hard to come up with a bigger name in wingnuttia than Dinesh D’Souza. This conveniently swarthy aider and abettor of the American aristocracy’s persecution complex, has been riding the right wing gravy train since the 1990s, after cutting his fangs at Dartmouth during the Reagan era (along with fellow right-wing ranter, Laura Ingraham). D’Souza’s career started with his founding of the right leaning Dartmouth Review, which created controversy — and perhaps launched D’Souza’s star — when it printed a passage from Mein Kampf under its masthead. On Yom Kippur, no less.

Since then, D’Souza’s published more than a dozen books, and branched out into documentary filmmaking. Upon the election of Barack Obama, D’Souza morphed into the right’s melanin-enhanced spokesman for the “end of racism.” His greatest hits include moralizing against same-sex marriage (while violating his own marriage vows), suggesting that Muslim extremists might stop hating America for “our excesses” and our “gross depravity and immorality” if we became more like them, and inspiring Newt Gingrich to call President Obama a “Kenyan anti-colonialist.”

The next phase of his career may be different, now that D’Souza has pleaded guilty to campaign finance law violations — having failed to get the charges against him dismissed. The charges involve D’Souza using “straw donors” in 2012 to give contribute more money than legally allowed to Dartmouth pal Wendy Long’s US Senate campaign. D’Souza had two friends give $10,000 to Long’s campaign, with the understanding that he would pay them back. Long lost, anyway.


Not one to go down with dignity, D’Souza tried to “exploit” his criticism of Obama in order wriggle off the hook. D’Souza’s producer, Gerald Molen said D’Souza was being targeted by an Obama administration that wants to “lock up” opponents. Fortunately, the judge wasn’t buying it.

In his plea, D’Souza admitted that he knowingly broke the law.

“I knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids. I deeply regret my conduct,” he said today.

D’Souza could face jail time. As a part of his plea, D’Souza agreed not to contest any prison sentence between 10 and 16 months, but could face up to two years. Like I said, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here’s the rest of the best of worst in wingnuttia this week:

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