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Today the Obama administration released its comprehensive National Climate Assessment in both digital and PDF form. It's packed with hard data on how much global warming we've already suffered, how it has hurt us and how much worse it could get.

Surely you've heard before that the planet is getting hotter. But for many, the prospect of shorter winters and longer summers just isn't disturbing enough.

However, today's report drives home the myriad of ways we all would be impacted if we refuse to protect climate. Here are just some of the charts that will prompt you to act.

1. It's Not Much of a Summer When There's So Much Rain.

2. So. Much. Rain.

3. Does It Seem Like Your Allergies Have Been Worse? It's Because They Have Been.

4. Global Warming Is No Big Deal, If You Like Ticks.

5. It's OK, Texas. It's Not Like You Need Water.

6. It's Not Summer Without Grilled Corn ... Or a Nice Grilled Tofu With a Balsamic Glaze

7. Why Is All This Happening? There Is Too Much Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere.

8. Because People Use Too Much Dirty Energy.

9. And It's Making Earth Too Hot.

10. Way. Too. Hot.

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