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The following email was sent to Campaign for America’s Future supporters today.

Last week, Speaker John Boehner had a chance to follow the Senate’s lead and put the bipartisan unemployment extension up for a vote in the House.

We asked you to call his office. You told him about the millions struggling to stay in their homes and feed their families because they’ve lost their lifeline. Many of you told your own stories.

After just a few hours, Boehner’s office phone went to an answering machine. Several hours later, his answering machine was full and many of you reported hearing a busy signal.

We’re not done. We’ve switched the settings on our calling tool to direct your calls to his district offices in Ohio.

Call Speaker Boehner at (661)-BOEHNER (661-263-4637) to reach one of his three Ohio offices. Tell him you want an up-or-down House vote on the unemployment insurance bill already passed by the Senate.

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