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March Madness is upon us, in more ways than one. We know that right-wingers will howl with outrage over anything President Obama does — from using Air Force One to encouraging students to stay in school, and vacationing in Hawaii in stead of Pigeon Forge. So it’s no surprise that conservatives are losing it over President Obama’s March Madness picks.

After all, this president loves basketball the way George W. Bush loved clearing brush. He makes his March Madness picks every year. And right-wingers freak out over it every year.

This year, Rush Limbaugh led the chorus of complaint.

Limbaugh was joined by Fox News’ “The Five.”

Brietbart’s Daniel Flynn added, “Pieces of Ukraine are falling apart and the health care plan’s a mess. But we finally have a president who really knows basketball, and for the next three weeks that’s all that matters. Thank goodness for distractions.” Never mind that George W. Bush didn’t let his own war get in the way of his golf game.

Here’s the rest of this week’s “March Madness,” from some of your favorite right-wingers.

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