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This week, the world watched as Ukrainians threw out their Russian-puppet president, and Russian president Vladimir Putin prepared to invade. Conservatives, naturally, have decided that it’s all President Obama’s fault.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R, SC) summed it all up with a tweet:

Former V.P. candidate Paul Ryan (R,WI) claimed during a CNN interview that the Obama administration “invited aggression” in the Ukraine by “projecting weakness” with Benghazi. and even claimed that the XL Keystone pipeline will solve the Ukraine crisis.

To be fair, not all conservatives blamed Benghazi for the Ukraine crisis. Sen. John McCain (R, AZ) said President Obama’s 1983 college essay proves it’s all his fault, or rather Obama’s essay as interpreted by Jonah Goldberg. The Obama essay wasn’t exactly a revelation. Conservatives leapt upon it on the eve of Obama’s first inauguration, as “evidence” that Obama was “anti-American” and oblivious  to the threat of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, American Family Association radio host Kevin McCullough said Russian president Vladimir Putin was emboldened to seize the Crimean peninsula because of a drag show fundraiseron a U.S. Military base in Okinawa, and “the sissification of our military.” McCullough imagined that Putin probably said, “Yeah, I’m not going to do anything Obama says because number one, he can’t keep his word, and number two, your military is now having drag shows on its bases.”

And since CPAC is in town, it deserves its own list.


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