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When the week began, Arizona governor Jan Brewer thought she had all the time in the world to decide whether to veto Arizona’s “Gay Jim Crow” bill. By the middle of the week, Brewer  learned differently. Conservatives lost it.

SB 1062, Arizona’s bill that would allow business to discriminate by refusing service to customers based on the business owner’s religious belief, followed close on the heels of a nearly identical bill in Kansas, was doomed from the start. The Kansas bill had focused public attention, so there was no way SB 1062 could fly under the radar. And unlike the Kansas bill, which the state Senate quashed before it ever reached the governor’s desk, SB 1062 cleared all the hurdles between tit and the governor’s desk.

Jobs, money, and the next Super Bowl were on the line. So when Brewer had to choose between placating the far-right, and vetoing a bill that would give Arizona a black-eye to match the one it got for its anti-immigrant laws, she made the only sane call.

The first signs of the freak out to come was the difference between responses from big media.

Here’s the Washignton Post’s response.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s Response.

It only got worse from there.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh said tweeted that the LGBT community has become “nothing more than a bunch of constitutional fascists.”

Walsh also scolded the rest of us to stop saying Brewer vetoed an anti-gay bill, warned that Christians will be forced to perform gay weddings, Catholics to hand out contraception.

There’s more.

Wingnut reactions to Brewer’s veto that make up most of the worst from the right-wing this week.

Nobody had more to say about SB 1062 than Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh claimed that Brewer was being “bullied” by the “homosexual lobby,” and blamed Brewer’s veto on “ajbect fear of minorities.” (Because of course the world was so much better when everyone was afraid of white men.)

Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips said Brewer’s veto imposed “slavery” and mandated “penis cakes” for gay weddings.

Daily Caller Editor Tucker Carlson said it’s “fascism” for businesses to have to treat gay customers equally.

Pat Buchanan used the occasion to declare that it’s “time to move on” form civil rights, and even to repeal all civil rights laws.

Pat Robertson called for the impeachment of Attorney General for “elevating sodomy” above the constitution, when Holder said he believed attorneys general could simply refuse to enforce anti-gay laws.

Fox News commentator Erick Erickson said businesses were “aiding and abetting” the “sin” of homosexuality” by serving same-sex couples.

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