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You knew it was coming. The moment you saw Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercial, you knew the reaction from the right was coming.

The ad featured “America, The Beautiful,” sung in various languages, including English, while images of Americans of every race, creed, color, religion and orientation played across the television screen. You probably heard the distant popping sounds of wing-nuts’ heads exploding before the ad was over.

Twitter was immediately ablaze with tweets from right-wing tweeters who were outraged to  “America, the Beautiful” sung in any language other than English, seemed to think English is our official language (or that “American” is a language), and lacked a basic command of the English language themselves.

And then there was the response from right-wing media.

 Atlanta news anchor Brenda Woods’ response to the right-wing nonsense pretty much said it all.

The great irony is that “America, the Beautiful” was written by a radical, Christian socialist  lesbian named Katharine Lee Bates.

To borrow a phrase from the great Langston Hughes, “We, too, sing America.” We sing it in the varied tones of our many cultures. We sing it with accents both regional and international, and in every language we know — even if it drives right-wingers crazy.

Here’s the best of the worse in wing-nuttery this week:

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