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On MSNBC today I joined Keli Goff and Elizabeth Plank to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding whether corporations can skip parts of Obamacare on religious grounds, such as the mandate for insurance to cover contraception.

As Harold Meyerson flagged today in the Washington Post, one of the lower court rulings siding with the company Hobby Lobby based its decision on the "corporations are people" reasoning in Citizens United.

But as I and the other MSNBC panelists noted, the five justices who gave us Citizens United would be taking their logic to a more disturbing level if it decreed that corporations are people that get to take legally granted benefits away from human people.

If one "corporation-person" has an interpretation of Christianity which moves it to take away from "human employee-people" contraception coverage that was guaranteed in Obamacare, what's to stop a Scientologist corporation-person from stripping out the law's guaranteed mental health coverage, or those corporation-persons who claim vaccinations violate Scripture?

As this is a slope that doesn't take much slippage, I suspect that the Court will think long and hard before supercharging Citizens United, and giving corporations the right to overrule laws and take away protections extended by Congress to actual human beings.

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