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At the AFL-CIO's national convention in Los Angeles Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gave a rousing and fully progressive speech Sunday.


I'm at the convention, and after the speech I heard several people comment that this sounded a lot like a campaign speech. But what higher office could a senator run for?

Sean Sullivan, writing at the Washington Post, noted this, writing,

The speech also reinforced the potential Warren has for higher office. While Warren has shown no signs she is gearing up for a presidential bid (or is really even thinking about higher office) and has kept a notably low public profile on Capitol Hill, there is arguably no other Democrat who resonates as much on the left as Warren does right now in terms of policy, speaking ability and fundraising heft.

Warren's speech drew the attention of the national media. Alongside the Washington Post there were stories in the Wall Street Journal, Politico, The Hill and LA Times (well, OK, the convention is in LA.)

And, of course, Daily Kos.

On the Supreme Court, Warren said,

"You follow this pro-corporate trend to its logical conclusion, and sooner or later you’ll end up with a Supreme Court that functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Business.

On trade deals that push corporate interests over the interests of the rest of us,

"Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, telecom, big polluters and outsourcers are all salivating at the chance to rig upcoming trade deals in their favor. ... I’ve heard people actually say that they have to be secret because if the American people knew what was going on, they would be opposed. ... I believe that if people would be opposed to a particular trade agreement, then that trade agreement should not happen."

On the middle class,

"Our agenda is America’s agenda. The American people know that the system is rigged against them and they want us to level the playing field. That’s our mandate. That’s what we’re here to do."


"I am proud to stand with you, to march with you, to fight with you. ... Our agenda is America’s agenda and if we fight for it, we win."

After the speech Warren took an overnight flight back to DC to work on Syria.

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