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Immigration reform has really got Republicans tied up in knots. Only 14 Senate Republicans voted for immigration reform, even after two weeks of debate, and with the addition of beefed up border security measures. Now it's up to the House, where Republicans managed to shoot down their own farm bill. It's like watching a Keystone Kops film, or a Laurel and Hardy comedy routine. It would be laughable, if there wasn't so much at stake for so many.

One can only imagine how well a similar performance will go over with Latino voters. And speaking of Latino voters, what could be funnier than Phyllis Schlafly saying that Latinos "don't understand" the Bill of Rights "at all"?

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly is still telling anyone who will listen that the Republican Party should only pay attention to white voters (something that it is already pretty good at doing, according to recent data).

…  Schlafly was a guest on a conservative California radio show when she fired off her latest proclamation about the future of the GOP, announcing that courting Latino voters is a waste of the grand ol’ party’s time because they “don’t have any Republican inclinations at all,” and are “running an illegitimacy rate that’s just about the same as the blacks are.”

Schlafly continued: “They come from a country where they have no experience with limited government. And the types of rights we have in the Bill of Rights, they don’t understand that at all, you can’t even talk to them about what the Republican principle is.”

I'll tell you what's funnier than that: Sen. Ted Cruz complaining that Democrats should stop being so good at reaching out to Latinos, because it makes Republicans look even worse at it.

This white man is sick of Democrats "playing the race card."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted liberals for appealing to Latino voters by supporting immigration reform Tuesday during an appearance on the O'Reilly Factor.

"We've seen the Democrats are always willing to play the race card. I will tell you as the son of a Cuban immigrant, as someone who received over 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in the state of Texas, I think it is condescending to go to Hispanics and say 'we're going to buy your vote with amnesty'," Cruz said, despite the fact that Hispanics are a multiracial ethnic group and not a race.

It gets better. In the full interview, Cruz goes on to claim that Latino voters care more about border security than a path to citizenship. Nevermind the polls showing that 90 percent of Latino voters support a path to citizenship, 81 percent reject Cruz's "border security first" approach.

By the end, Cruz gets carried away with speaking for Latino voters wanted to encourage legal immigration by people who "followed the rules" and came into the country legally, like his dad. You remember him? The one who admitted to NRP that he basically bribed his way into the country?

Somebody in the GOP ought to get Schlafly and Cruz together, put together an act, and take their show on the road. It won't win the GOP any Latino votes, but it'll be great for laughs.

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