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Republicans are already plotting their next opportunity to take our nation hostage.  At his weekly press conference, John Boehner said the GOP will refuse to raise the debt ceiling in May, if the president doesn't agree to more spending cuts.  President Obama already agreed to cuts in the fiscal cliff deal totaling $1.5 trillion over the next decade.  And the sequester will cut an additional $1.2 trillion over that same period.  But, that's not enough for Republicans.

The last time the GOP played political games with the debt limit, economic growth slowed in our nation, and citizens and businesses alike faced increased borrowing costs, but that doesn't concern the Speaker of the House.  According to Boehner, Republicans plan to wage economic terrorism again, unless the President agrees to cut spending dollar-for-dollar with the debt ceiling increase.

So, unless Obama is willing to further devastate our economy with Republican austerity, John Boehner and House Republicans won't let him pay the bills that they racked up.  The debt ceiling does not authorize more spending.  It only allows the President to pay for spending that the House has already approved.

This is simply economic terrorism... and it's no way to run a government.  Call John Boehner's office and tell him to stop playing political games with our economy.

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