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A quick post about the new Bowles-Simpson plan that was announced yesterday because that’s all it deserves: It’s a total nonstarter.

(If you haven’t heard about it, here’s Jeanne Sahadi’s story from CNMoney.)

Bowles and Simpson didn’t have enough support to get their original plan through their own commission in 2010, so why do they or anyone else think their new plan is relevant now that the commission has been disbanded? Bowles and Simpson have no standing and no influence.

The new plan should be seen for what it really is: A desperate plea for attention by two men who have hurt rather than helped their reputations by releasing it. It’s the federal budget equivalent of Brett Favre continuing to play for other teams long after he should have just retired.

In the past I’ve said (here, for example) that the Bowles-Simpson Commission should be called the BS commission. This latest ploy by Bowles and Simpson makes it clear I was right the first time.

Originally posted at Capital Gains and Games.

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