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Susie makes a great point about Mitt’s repulsive “free lunch” comments after the NAACP speech. Of course it was disgusting for its race baiting. That goes without saying. But I think most of us missed the humongous irony in what this privileged jerk was saying. Susie caught it:

As far as free lunches go, we of course just witnessed the biggest government handout in history, one that Romney himself endorsed. Four and a half trillion dollars in bailout money already disbursed, trillions more still at risk in guarantees and loans, sixteen trillion dollars in emergency lending from the Federal Reserve, two trillion in quantitative easing, etc. etc. All of this money went to Romney’s pals in the Wall Street banks that for years helped Romney take over companies with mountains of borrowed cash. Now, after these banks crashed, executives at those same firms used those public funds to pay themselves massive salaries, which is exactly the opposite of “helping those who need help,” if you’re keeping score.

You’d think old Mitt would be a little bit cautious about condemning people for taking “free money” but, as usual, it’s only the average Joe in a bind who needs to be taught a lesson in personal responsibility. The Big Money Boyz are just “playing the game”, as Huckleberry Graham likes to say, and we’d all think less of them if they voluntarily left that money on the table when it could go into their pockets, wouldn’t we? That would be a loser move, and these guys aren’t losers like those parasites who need food stamps or unemployment insurance in a moribund economy.

Be sure to click over and read Susie’s entertaining assessment of Mitt’s character.

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