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The poor “job-creators.” They just can’t catch a break:

Without much fanfare, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is edging towards what could be its first “perfect” Term before the Supreme Court since at least 1994. With today’s decision in Southern Union Company v. United States, the Chamber has declared victory in all seven of its cases that have reached a clear outcome (two are additionally classified as “other” because the Court avoided addressing the issue at stake on procedural grounds, and in one the Chamber filed on behalf of neither party).

This string of seven straight victories brings the Chamber’s overall win/loss rate before the Roberts Court up to 68% (60 of 88 cases). As we have reported in prior studies, this is significantly higher than the Chamber’s success before the Rehnquist Court of 56% (45 of 80 cases), and dramatically higher than its success rate before the Burger Court, when the Chamber only won 43% (15 of 35) of its cases.

At the time of Roberts and Alitos’ confirmations there was quite a bit of talk about corporate minded this court was going to be. Of course that’s not likely to be a contentious issues since it’s a bipartisan disease. But still, it’s fairly amazing to see just how extreme they’ve been. The Chamber is hardcore, Randian wingnut at this point — the NRA of economic interest groups. And they are doing very, very, very well with this court.

I’m a little bit foggy on what can be done about this. Voodoo dolls? What?

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