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This is big: Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist, will address the “Take Back the American Dream” conference in June.

Krugman, author of the new book, “End This Depression Now!”, will break down what you and I have to do if we are to force Washington to finally take bold action to create millions of jobs.

Click here to join Paul Krugman — June 18 to 20 in Washington, D.C. — for the “Take Back the American Dream” conference.

Krugman’s important new book is due out April 30. It will be very useful in making the case that the conservative agenda of deregulation, privatization and regressive taxation caused the economic crisis – and if conservatives win the election, they will take us back to economic crisis.

But most importantly, Krugman makes the case that we all have to do more — the President, the new Congress, and the progressive movement — to end the long depression of slow job growth, chronically high levels of unemployment, and the loss of a whole generation of hope.

And to hear his important message, you need to be at the “Take Back the American Dream conference.

We need to take back the election. We need to oust the conservatives that are obstructing bold action. We need to stand up to those in the 1% trying to buy our government.

But even that won’t be enough unless we organize around a plan for a real economic recovery that actually recovers all the jobs that were lost.

If you care about fixing our economy and restoring the middle class, you’ll want to hear what Paul Krugman has to say.

At “Take Back the American Dream,” Paul Krugman, Van Jones and thousands more progressive leaders, thinkers and organizers will make sure that the policies required to end the economic crisis will not get shut out of the 2012 debate by timid politicians and corporate-owned media.

We can take the election back, and the American Dream. Join Paul Krugman. Join us.

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