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I caught most of Sen. Marco Rubio’s speech at CPAC this morning, and it was very well received. Based on that alone, I’d be tempted to agree with his categorization as a “CPAC darling.” He’s rumored to be on the short list for VP, though he says he’s not interested. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that Rubio appeared at CPAC the same day he introduced legislation that could cut off contraceptive coverage for millions. That seemed to the issue that roused conservatives the most at CPAC. (I actually, I heard more about contraception from speakers than I did about gay marriage — or job creation.)

But apparently Rubio’s contraceptive bill wasn’t enough to endear him to everyone at CPAC.

As I was tossing out the remains of my lunch, I noticed a stack of flyers sitting on an end table. Covering a conference like CPAC includes picking up literature, since one never knows what might yield content. I read it, and quickly realized it wasn’t like the other literature available at CPAC.


There’s logo and no organization’s name or individual’s name on it. So who it came from is anybody’s guess.

My guess is that someone who was still miffed with Rubio for his speech at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference, where he took the GOP to task for the tone of the immigration debate, opened up a laptop, copied and pasted the quotes into a Word document, created this flyer, printed it up at the hotel business center, and spread it around.

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