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OK. I'll admit it. Newt Gingrich got me on this one. I walked into the CPAC 2012 conference this morning with my guard down (first mistake), and picked up what I thought was up updated schedule of events for the main ballroom.

Then I read it.

Newt's got a sense of humor.

Ouch. "Rick Santorum (PA) 'In Defense of Big Labor'"? "Ann Coulter, 'Three Cheers for Romneycare?" "Mitt Romney, Author of Obamneycare?"

Newt is a bitter, bitter man. And if he saw the welcome Santorum got when he stepped out on stage, or saw the number of Santorum stickers on the lapels of CPACers, he's may be beyond bitter.

If this has all gotten under Newt's notoriously thin skin (think Air Force One, 1995), then Newt's speech this afternoon is really going to be fun. After all, there's nothing more entertaining than a ticked-off Newt Gingrich. He doesn't just go off-script. He rips up the script and starts making spitballs.

I'll be sure get a good seat. Just not in the first few rows

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