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Well hell. Bachman’s gone, which is going to make the GOP debates far less entertaining. And frankly, that’s the only real interest I have in these primaries.

Still, what you’ll see is a hardcore religious right extremist, a hardcore conservative movement ideologue, an eccentric libertarian neo-confederate, a flag waving moron and a corporation in a suit. (Plus Hunstman, maybe.) So that pretty well represents the current GOP, I’d say. They could probably use a neocon extremist to round things out, but everybody but Paul will happily do their bidding, so it’s not really necessary.

Whatever. After Mitt and his minions’ display of sheer financial muscle and determination to destroy Newtie, it’s clear that he’s going to take no prisoners. He still can’t seem to get past people’s visceral revulsion, but a few more rounds of that kind of ruthlessness, I’m guessing the rank and file will finally be persuaded he’s one of them.

On to New Hampshire. And Santorum, the new “it” boy. I won’t even go there …

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