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Oh spare me:

To underscore the fact that GOP’s intransigence on taxes is the source of the gridlock, the committee’s Democratic co-chair confirmed that Democrats are willing to make the sort of deep cuts to entitlement programs Republicans are demanding — but only if Republicans abandon the pledge.

“It’s not enough for either side to simply say they want to reduce the deficit—now is the time when everyone needs to be putting some real skin in the game and offering serious compromises,” Murray said at the hearing, in her most pointed public comments to date. “Democrats have made clear we are prepared to do that. We’ve said we are very open to painful concessions and compromises if Republicans are as well—and we have put forward serious ideas that reflect this. But these concessions would only be made—and only considered—in the context of a balanced deal that doesn’t just fall on the middle class and most vulnerable Americans—but that requires big corporations and the wealthiest among us to share in the sacrifices.”

No, corporations and wealthy people will not be "sacrificing" anything. They won't even notice it. Corporations are nothing more than a legal construct so they don't have the capacity for "sacrifice." And Paris Hilton will still be able to buy anything she wants.

I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but I'm telling you, they are selling the American people a bill of goods that's so breathlessly cynical I can hardly believe what I'm seeing. The only people in this entire scenario who are going to be "sacrificing" are the most vulnerable people among us. The idea that this is a fair trade is simply obnoxious.

Here's a little reminder of just what a crock this all is:

Also too, this:

New National Poll Shows Massive Washington Disconnect with Main Street America On Deficit Reduction Options

Voters United Against Cutting Social Security & Medicare

New national polling conducted by a Democratic/GOP research partnership shows Republicans, Democrats and Independents outside official Washington share unprecedented unity in their views on deficit reduction. By huge margins, Americans across all ages do not support cutting Social Security and Medicare to reduce the deficit. Even in this polarized political climate, no other single issue garners such broad unanimity across all party lines.

"This poll shows what bi-partisanship really means. When you step outside Washington, D.C. and talk to average Americans of all political parties including self-identified fiscal conservatives - -the answer is the same - Do Not Cut Social Security & Medicare to reduce the deficit. Americans understand the real-life impacts of the cuts being promoted and they don't believe cutting these vital programs shows fiscal responsibility. That is true bi-partisanship that Congress ignores at its own peril." Max Richtman , President/CEO, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Some of the poll highlights include:

Opposition to cutting Social Security & Medicare is strong across party lines with 82% of Democrats, 73% of Independents and 58% of Republicans against cuts to reduce the deficit

A wide margin of all Americans,94% of Democrats, 82% of Independents and 64% of Republicans, would prefer to raise taxes on the wealthy than cut Social Security and Medicare

By a 3 -1 margin, self-identified "fiscal conservatives" of both parties oppose cutting Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit and by a 2 ½ -1 to one margin, fiscally conservative voters oppose cutting Medicare benefits to reduce the deficit.

"The clear truth is that Americans across party and generational lines flat out reject using cuts to Social Security and Medicare - programs they have directly paid into their entire lives - to reduce the deficit. It's a loud and crystal clear message they have for politicians in Washington : keep your hands off my Social Security and Medicare. They're prepared to send that message at the voting booth next year if their politicians don't listen." Celinda Lake , Lake Research Partners ,Democratic Polling/Research

"Clearly voters are against changes to a system they have paid into their entire lives. They don't want the retirement age for Social Security eligibility raised, they don't want the Medicare eligibility age raised and they reject increases in co-pays for some services. They believe they have a deal, and they want that deal upheld." Bob Carpenter, American Viewpoint , Republican Polling/Researcher

But remember, in the Village any politician who listens to the people on this means he or she is a "eunuch".

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