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I have an invitation for you. I want you come to Washington, D.C. with me for the first-ever national gathering of the American Dream movement: the Take Back the American Dream conference.

Join me in Washington, from Oct. 3 to 5, to “Take Back the American Dream!” Click here to register.

Something big is happening in America. Beneath the corporate media’s radar screen, it is growing faster and buzzing more than anything we’ve seen in recent memory.

We call it the American Dream movement. That’s an apt term for the hundreds of thousands of good people who are fighting everywhere to rebuild the American Dream.

This year, we’ve watched this people-powered phenomenon grow out of the courage and inspiration from Wisconsin and spread across the country.

This summer, hundreds of thousands more of us came together in person and online to craft our plan for fixing our broken economy. We created a comprehensive jobs agenda: “Contract for the American Dream.” It has already been endorsed by 270,000 thousand people.

Now it’s time for us to gather in person, to learn from each other, get inspired, and show everyone that we will not back down.

From October 3-5 we’re going to do all that and more at the Take Back the American Dream conference hosted by the Campaign for America’s Future, in partnership with, Center for Community Change and my new organization Rebuild the Dream.

We’ll have movement leaders, local volunteers, students, teachers, unions, community groups, and more all coming together to help strengthen our new movement.

We can’t wait any longer for politicians in Washington, D.C., to save us. The tea party promotes policies that would kill our dreams. The American Dream movement promotes policies that will save them.

Please join us in the nation’s capital to begin the process of taking America, not back, but FORWARD.

We will remember this event as a huge step forward for showing that what’s going on right now is the birth of a movement—the American Dream movement.

This will be a powerful moment, and I hope you’ll join me October 3-5.

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