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It looks like we have another outbreak of phony Randroid Rage to deal with. Apparently 67 wealthy fatcats who donated to Obama in 08 have donated to Romney this time around:

One Wall Street executive, who requested anonymity, said he and some of his colleagues feel betrayed by Obama.

"Everybody I speak to is on the same boat — disappointment," said the source, who contributed to Obama three years ago and is now backing Romney.

The executive said he and others on Wall Street have taken exception to Obama's rhetoric about the wealthy, especially because the president has asked rich donors to fork over $35,800 to his reelection efforts.

"It's not healthy for rich people to feel maligned," the executive said.

Other donors who backed Obama in 2008 and have given to Romney recently declined to comment or did not return The Hill's phone calls.

The article does finally point out that many of these folks are playing both sides, just as they did last time. More importantly, they're playing the refs. In this billion dollar campaign they want to keep the pressure on all candidates, Obama in particular, since he remains the favorite to win. They do this by periodically whining to the media about how sensitive they are to criticism and how important it is to keep them happy. It is a lesson not lost on the major fundraisers. And it works for all concerned:

Obama still has his share of supporters on Wall Street. He reportedly raised $2.4 million from Wall Street donors during an event at a New York restaurant in June.

A recent report from the Center for Responsive Politics found that Obama has leaned on Wall Street more than he did when he launched his first presidential bid. The report found that one-third of the money Obama has raised for his reelection came from the financial sector.

I honestly don't know why they are even continuing their little whine routine unless it's to help President Obama pretend to be their enemy in order to win votes. They've had a spectacular run during his tenure. What more could they want?

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