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Are you disgusted with a Washington held hostage by right-wing Republicans, putting retirement security, health care, and public investment on the chopping block – and ignoring the jobs crisis?

What’s it going to take to end the Republican insanity and Democratic capitulation? It’s going to take a movement.

Come to Washington, Oct. 3 to rally a coalition that will “Take Back the American Dream.”

This fight is not over! Register NOW for the “Take Back the American Dream” conference in Washington, DC, October 3-5.

The disastrous budget deal sets up another fight in November, when a congressional commission will propose another round of painful cuts that cannot even be amended in the House or Senate.

Draconian Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts will surely be on the menu, which will harm real people and kill jobs, unless we stop them.

Campaign for America’s Future will be leading the immediate fight to get Democrats to appoint to the commission only lawmakers that would protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and prevent a commission rigged against us.

But we also need a grass-roots movement — to dog the new commission and expose their proposals – and to demand action to create jobs. And we ultimately need the strength to defeat, in the next election, the forces of austerity.

We face a mountain of corporate cash dedicated to destroying the middle class. Only when individual Americans join together and pool our resources do we defeat it.

Stop the austerity! Register NOW for the “Take Back the American Dream” conference in Washington, DC, October 3-5.

The American Dream movement comes to Washington in October – to unveil an agenda for change, and strengthen a movement that has already sent a powerful message to Congress: “Don’t cut Social Security and health care. Create jobs and invest in America.”

We’ve learned over the past two years that real change cannot come while corporate cash and Tea Party economic terrorists dominate our democracy.

There’s only one way to break this stranglehold: a grassroots uprising like America hasn’t seen in decades.

Build the movement! Register NOW for Take Back the American Dream in Washington, DC, October 3-5.

The American Dream movement – thanks to the leadership of Rebuild The Dream, and others – has been sweeping the nation ever since citizens rose up in Wisconsin.

When the movement comes to Washington in October, we’re going to stand up and be counted. We hope you will too.

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