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We are being lied to about the economy. That’s why I’ve been speaking out – working with MoveOn on videos like “The Economy Explained In 135 Seconds” and “Invest In America.”

And that’s why I’ll be at the Take Back the American Dream conference on Oct. 3 to talk with you about a movement to Rebuild the Dream.

I agree with Van Jones and the Campaign for America’s Future: We need our progressive version of the Tea Party – but focused on a positive agenda for good jobs, growing wages, and a strong middle class.

Conservative forces are making it impossible for Washington to do what is necessary to rebuild our economy after the Great Recession. We can only stop the conservative wrecking crew with powerful ideas backed by a powerful movement.

Supporters of Rebuild the Dream and have already submitted more than 25,000 ideas for rebuilding the American Dream. And recently, at 1,500 house meetings across America, the best of those ideas were honed down to the planks of a Contract for the American Dream, to be released at the Take Back the American Dream conference.

I’ll be there to help lead the discussion with my own ideas about how to restore a vibrant American middle class. And I want to hear your ideas as well.

Campaign for America’s Future has been hosting the biggest progressive conferences for years, sparking progressive energy, building grassroots movements and already bringing significant change to Washington.

This is the place where change has happened, and will happen again. That’s why I’ll be at the Take Back the American Dream conference. I hope to see you there too.

Please register and join me, Robert Reich, at the Take Back the American Dream conference, October 3 – 5.

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