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Americans have learned in the past few days that conservative Republicans in Congress are willing to risk default on America’s financial obligations, to protect the tax breaks for the rich and force cuts to our retirement security.

Republicans would rather break our government’s Social Security commitments, create chaos in the global financial markets and throw millions more out of work than accept any compromise.

Now, with the fate of our whole economy hanging in the balance, it is absolutely crucial that we send a message to Congress, today and tomorrow, that says “Don’t Destroy the American Dream.”

TODAY, click here to email your members of Congress and say: Reject cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Raise the debt limit now, without conditions.

TOMORROW, NOON: Join the nationwide “Don’t Destroy the American Dream” protest at your House representative’s local congressional office.

We join with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to urge the Congress to pass legislation cleanly extending the debt limit past November 2012 immediately and without conditions.

We also join with and Rebuild the Dream to call on people to take more dramatic action. Please show up outside local offices of your House representative on Tuesday, at noon, to deliver a crucial message: “Don’t Destroy the American Dream.”

We will demand that Republicans in Congress stop holding America hostage to protect tax breaks for millionaires and corporations.

And we will show our full support for the Democrats who’ve stood up in defense of vital programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and urge them to keep standing strong for the core principle that those who do well in America should do well by America.

Now is the time to save our country from unnecessary disaster. Please make yourself heard.

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