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Looks like Boehner isn't the only one with a few conditions:

The two sides of the debate over whether the tea party is at heart a socially conservative movement or a fiscally conservative one smashed together Monday morning at a press conference in Washington, where a tea party leader told reporters he'd be willing to accept a bump in the debt ceiling if Republicans promise to put an end to "military effeminzation."

Speakers from the Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell to a man dressed as George Washington to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) -- who sent a written statement that was read aloud -- told a small crowd of reporters that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and his GOP leadership team were ignoring their tea party mandate by supporting an increase in the federal debt limit. They called on Republicans in the House to attach strict spending riders onto any deal they make with an Obama administration desperate to avoid government default.

For Bachmann, no less than the "complete defunding of Obamacare" would do. For others, a total spending freeze and a small, short-term limit increase was acceptable, provided it came with guarantees of deep spending cuts. For Tea Party Founding Fathers chairman William Temple, a reinstatement of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and keeping women out of combat roles would also be acceptable.

And forced reading at gunpoint of David Barton's Christian history of the United States, don't forget that.

And why not? As long as the Democrats are pretending that they have to do whatever the Republicans want even though they have already agreed to raise the debt limit, I can't see why they shouldn't throw in the kitchen sink. This "deal" could conceivably include absolutely anything.

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