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To Dodger fans like me and mine, this has been an embarrassing and horrifying season, and it has nothing to do with what’s going on on the field. The horrifying part was the attack on a Giants fan by psychotic gang members on opening days, of course. The embarrassing par was that of the tabloid divorce of the Dodger’s owners, the battlin’ McCourts. The first is largely a result of the lax security brought about because the second have spent all the Dodgers money on themselves and their lawyers.

But there is a bigger picture. This beloved team brought to this point by a venal moron going through a midlife crisis, and whose wife demands half of his ill-gotten gains, is a metaphor for our times. Our business elites are greedy fools — and yet they own everything — including the political system, which gladly dances to their tune. This is our biggest problem, the one that feeds into all the others.

Harold Meyerson has written a sad — and infuriating — piece about the downfall of the Dodgers and another storied LA institution, the LA Times. Even if you don’t care at all about LA and think we are a bunch of airheads who deserve what we get, read this piece and simply exchange the names with any number of other wealthy CEOs and sharpy operators who have taken down one institution after another over these past few years with their idiotic, short sighted “deals.” It’s epidemic. And it’s killing us.

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