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About 30 very vocal members of the organization Action United marched on the National Constitution Center last evening protesting Pat Toomey’s stand on Social Security. Holding signs saying “hands off my Social Security” they came down Arch Street and joined numerous Joe Sestak supporters in front of the venue for last night’s U.S. Senate debate. Pat Toomey was one of George W. Bush’s staunchest advocates in 2005 when he advocated privatizing Social Security. The scheme would have replaced the current, successful program with one where worker’s contributions would go into the stock market and enrich Wall Street brokers. It also would drive a huge hole in the federal deficit.

Privatizing Social Security means dismantling the social safety net for seniors, disabled people and orphans. This keeps millions of Americans independent and off the streets. If folks wish to invest for retirement in the stock market that government vehicle already exists, it is called an IRA. These funds should be supplements to Social Security however, not replacements. Here is some video from yesterday’s demonstration:

Pat Toomey reminds me of Rick Santorum’s tour of Pennsylvania while still a Senator doing Bush’s dirty work. He held a town hall at Drexel University where Tim Tagaris shot this video:

Those were the Drexel University College Republicans telling us their real agenda.

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