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Democrat Kendrick Meek has a strong record on Social Security, consistently opposing efforts to privatize the program or to lower benefits. He also opposes raising the retirement age. He also accurately points out that the so-called “crisis” in Social Security is not nearly as extreme as others say, noting that it will deliver full benefits for at least 25 more years even if nothing else is done.

Republican Marco Rubio advocated the creation of private accounts for Social Security before saying that the time had passed on the issue. He also signed Laura Ingraham’s “Ten for ’10” Pledge that called Social Security “generational theft.” He also expressed openness to raising the retirement age and for reducing cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security recipients.

Charlie Crist, the former Republican who is running as a no party affiliation candidate, says he opposes increasing the retirement age for Social Security or restructuring the formula that determines benefits. He said he would focus on waste and fraud to help sustain the program over time. He also said that comprehensive immigration reform would help shore up Social Security. In the past, he expressed openness to private accounts and campaigned with George W. Bush when he promoted private accounts.

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