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Cross posted at Florida Progressive Coalition.

Jack Conway and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have taken the proactive step to defend Social Security against the attacks of the extremists in the Republican Party who want to privatize the program or eliminate it altogether.

So far, more than 200 Democratic candidates have signed the pledge to protect Social Security against the Extreme Right Wing of the Republican Party as symbolized by Rand Paul and Allen West in Florida. Florida is one of the top states in terms of participants in this pledge. So far Florida candidates who have signed the pledge are:

Corrine Brown FL-03
Alan Grayson FL-08
Katherine Castor FL-11
Kendrick B. Meek FL-17
Ted Deutch FL-19
Ron Klein FL-22
Alcee L. Hastings FL-23
Jim Bryan FL-01
James Piccillo FL-05
Heather Beaven FL-07
Charlie Justice FL-10
James T. Golden FL-13
Shannon Roberts FL-15
Rolando A. Banciella FL-18
Joe Garcia FL-25

Noticeably absent from the list are incumbents Allen Boyd (my “representative”), Suzanne Kosmas and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Boyd and Kosmas as Blue Dogs are understandable, but Wasserman Schultz is not. I’d suggest that Floridians who support Social Security contact these representatives and ask them to sign the pledge. Contact info is available here.

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