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The next few weeks will be crucial for the effort to rein in the Wall Street casino and hold the bailout barons accountable. Here's a list of major Wall Street reform rallies taking place around the country in the coming weeks. With the Wall Street bill going to the Senate floor, make sure your voice is heard!

Wells Fargo Shareholder Showdown, Tuesday, April 27, San Francisco

The shareholders of Wells Fargo will meet to celebrate the epic profits they've scored on the backs of American homeowners and taxpayers. Wells Fargo was one of the most active subprime lenders during the housing bubble, and received an epic bailout when their excess finally caught up with them. If you're in San Francisco, show them you've had enough. Find out more here.

Bank of America Shareholder Showdown, Wednesday, April 28, Charlotte, N.C.

Bank of America runs the notorious subprime swindler Countrywide, whose former CEO Angelo Mozilo is currently facing fraud charges from the SEC. But Bank of America has been operating other assaults on borrowers even after the housing crash, actively cheating them in loan modification schemes, in violation of their agreement with the Obama administration. If you're in Charlotte, tell them the swindle stops here. Find out more here.

Wall Street Showdown, Thursday, April 29, New York City

Join thousands of protesters going straight into the lion's den to take back our economy from outright greed and predation. If you lost your house, your job, or your retirement, chances are the trouble all started here. Find out more here.

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