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I know this seems like low hanging fruit. But Sarah Palin is back, and along with her mindless blather has returned the chorus of "do not under estimate Palin" and/or "Sarah must be taken seriously."

Seriously? We're supposed to take seriously someone who just days ago was spouting nonsense (in the words of a conservative blogger) about mammograms and death panels, and only weeks ago was seriously claiming a conspiracy to move "In God We Trust" off U.S. currency? We're supposed to take seriously/placate/cower in fear of the mindlessly vehement incoherence of her followers?

We're supposed to take seriously someone who bad mouthed her almost-son-in-law for being too busy being "in the media" and pushing his own potential book to see his own baby, while sitting across from (arguably) the "queen of all media" herself, and one of the biggest book promoters in the publishing world, spending an hour talking about her book and her own baby who has Down's Syndrome and thus has special needs? We're supposed to take seriously someone who implied that her daughter's baby's father was using his physical assets to promote himself, who did as much of the same as she could get away with in Runners' World? We're supposed to take seriously someone too stupid (Yeah, I said it.), to even recognize the hypocrisy, let alone the irony, of what she was saying?

Are we seriously supposed to overestimate thier importance as much as they do themselves?

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