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The Associated Press reports that China has criticized last week’s U.S.-China Commission (USCC) report for asserting that Chinese spies are aggressively stealing U.S. secrets. Beijing warns that the report is “full of prejudice” and that it could damage U.S.-China relations.

This is laughable. Not only are China’s espionage, cyber attacks, intellectual property theft, piracy, and counterfeiting all widely documented, but Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Senior Analyst Kerri Toloczko can relate her own personal experiences with Chinese spying. A former USCC Comissioner, Toloczko’s home computer has been hacked numerous times by China–just one consequence of her Congressional appointment to the USCC. Toloczko reports that other USCC Commissioners have also endured such hacking.

Beijing may not like being called a spy, but it’s no exaggeration to say that China is guilty of cheating on many, many fronts. And until a tough line is taken against their bullying, nothing will change.

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