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Without the Koch money and buses,The Tea Partiers were able to muster about 30 people to rail against things. The Billionaires for Wealthcare joined the Tea Partiers in what was otherwise a disappointing day for them.

Over at, Mike Stark has some great coverage of the Bilionaires for Wealthcare’s with Sen. Corker and Sen Grassley.

I arrived at the Senate side of the Capitol at around noon and ran into the Billionaires for Wealthcare again. They attempted to join their “employees” in the Tea Party protest, but the Capitol Police thought it best if they kept the two groups separate. As time passed, it really did seem like the 5-6 Billionaires were a whole lot more exercised than the tea-partiers. The Billionaires were that loud… I’m not certain what occurred after I left, but while I was with them, the group was able to thank two of their “business partners” in the Senate, Bob Corker (R, TN) and Chuck Grassley (R, IA) in person. Corker seemed happy to see them, even thanking the Billionaires for being there; Grassley seemed a little less enthusiastic.

You can see some other great videos from that long day in the Senate here.

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