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With only eight months in office, Rep. Alan Grayson is showing Democrats how to respond to the manufactured outrage from the right-wing.

Rep. Grayson took to the floor of the House to tell Americans the truth— the Republicans do not have a plan to provide health care.

By default, this makes their “plan” for Americans “to not to get sick, and if they do get sick, to die quickly”.

This statement drew sharp rebukes from the talking heads and pontificators of the right-wing, who demanded an apology, despite a few facts:

What Rep. Grayson said was true.

• Republicans have repeatedly taken to the floor of the House and accused the Democrats of working to have seniors “put to death by their government.

• The Republican surrogates in the right-wing media have accused Democrats of planning death panels for old people, mandates in support of abortion, and mandatory sex changes.

But, luckily for us Rep. Grayson knows how to deal with bullies. You fight back.

“Democrats have to have guts. We have to have the guts to take the majority the country gave to us and do something with it.”

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