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I don’t know whether to praise the Republicans or pity them.

On one hand, they’ve been given chance after chance to "bring it," in term of ideas to address the crises we face — an act of astounding generosity, if you ask me, extended to a party that worked very hard for a very long time to bring us to this point — and they’ve consistently shown up empty-handed. I muster some admiration for someone who brings a knife to a gun fight, because at least he brought something. But to show up empty-handed is, well, pitiful.

On the other hand,I have to give them credit. In the face of current political and economic realities, it takes work — hard, grueling work — to not "get it." Their "(Dead End) Road to Recovery" shows that when it comes to not "getting it," Republicans are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and plunge in.

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