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I won’t bemoan how the failure of media to do its job necessitates his role. I will simply give thanks that, in the absence of reliable media criticism, at least we have Jon Stewart — making us laugh while telling us truths that are far from funny. By now, you’ve heard about and seen his now-legendary Santelli-inspired CNBC takedown.

And perhaps you’ve read Jim Cramer’s Main Street column, in which he complained about Stewart taking his remarks out of context. To his credit, Stewart owned up to his error. And then some.

Cramer, though, wasn’t done. Not nearly. He turned up on NBC’s “The Today Show,” defending himself.

And there it went.

And went.

I think it’s safe to say it’s over now.

You can watch the full episode for yourself, but in this final round Truth and Reconcilliation Commission on the economy.

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